How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! (Isaiah 52:7)

Our October, 2023 Newsletter

Reading Room Newsletter

October 2023


Dear Friends -

Why do we publish this newsletter?  First, because the Reading Room is an activity mandated for each branch church through the Church Manual by Mrs. Eddy.  It is an official outreach of the Church of Christ, Scientist perfectly fitted to inspire, comfort and heal church members and the community.  It is beautifully furnished with ably-edited periodicals, pamphlets, and books which are found in Reading Rooms world-wide.  

What an immense labor of love from the Mother Church and branch church members - again, world-wide.  We invite you to consider your role in this God-inspired enterprise.  

We all have a role as a staff member or one seeking refuge. We have a role as a writer, reader and subscriber.  We have the privilege of praying for the Reading Room and it contents as well as sharing these resources with friends and neighbors.  Your role is invaluable and blessings are assured.


With love, Andrea Hunter, Librarian
Hallie Keel, Asst. Librarian / Editor




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An excerpt from the Letter from the Editor: September Issue of the Christian Science Journal by Moji George:

Dear Friend,

As you explore this issue of the Journal, we hope that the ideas shared by readers like you shall bring inspiration, transformation, and healing. We also hope that this encourages you to write for the Christian Science periodicals—whether as a first-time or a regular contributor—assured that what you share blesses others and glorifies God.

No matter how dark and difficult the world or personal situations may seem, the understanding that comes from pondering ideas steeped in the Christianity Christ Jesus taught and practiced, brings spiritual light that begins to dispel the darkness and doubt in practical, meaningful ways....

How reassuring to know that your heart’s desire to meet the needs of the world can be fulfilled as a writer, subscriber, or reader; and it is rewarded. The Christly promise is that you shall receive in good measure, running over.

Thank you for being willing to catch the vision of this magazine; and especially for being a vital and integral part of the worldwide team that produces it. We trust that you will not only feel, but be inspired to share, the love and truth expressed in this Journal.

Moji George, Associate Editor

NOTE: please consider listening to Moji read her letter.  It adds a dimension of love to this gentle invitation. Button below. 

Read the Article!

Early Christian Science in Scotland:
spotlighting the Ramsay family

Book cover: Christian Science and Its Discoverer by E. Mary Ramsay; Photo: First Church of Christ, Scientist, Edinburgh, Scotland, undated. Box B530748, Folder F221256. Unknown photographer. Letter: Charlotte L. and E. Mary Ramsay to Mary Baker Eddy, August 15, 1899, 229.37.003.

As some people in the English aristocracy started to embrace Christian Science during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries,British aristocracy and early Christian Science—the Murray family" title="" style="mso-line-height-rule: exactly;-ms-text-size-adjust: 100%;-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;color: #DE5B49;font-weight: normal;text-decoration: underline;">1 so did the Scottish nobility. The women of the Ramsay family in Perthshire, Scotland, not only joined the Christian Science movement but were instrumental in organizing and growing First Church of Christ, Scientist, Edinburgh....  Continued on the website - see button below.

Christian Science in Scotland
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Angels know how to find you

By Joni Overton-Jung 

From the October 2023 issue of The Christian Science Journal


perhaps you
like Elijah 
have found yourself
running for your life
running from your life
huddled in a cave
thinking you are alone
that all is for naught
that you have fallen short
might as well pack it in
shut down . . . go to sleep. 

beloved one, 

angels always know
how to find you
in the darkest
reaches of despair 

they come with light
and tenderness
to nudge you from the dark
to bathe and feed you
back to life
and even if you go back to sleep 
there they are
beside you
lifelines of light
heralding God’s inescapable presence
propelling you up the mountain
to face what
you have fled from
and what you find
is that even when all hell
breaks loose—rocks breaking
wind howling
fires blazing 

it is but a show—
and no match for
the still small voice
the unutterable all-ness 
of ever-present Love 

and you suddenly see
all that loomed
is but shadow
and no memory

because here, behold
the blazing, irrevocable surety
of your life and place
in the great goodness
the all-goodness
the inescapable goodness
that is God. 

—Joni Overton-Jung

Christian Science Monitor
In February 2023 Monitor correspondent Christa Case Bryant won the Dirksen Award for her coverage of the U.S. Capitol. We published this recognition in a newsletter earlier this year. Recently I found the footage of her acceptance speech - It was enlightening and inspiring.  Hope you enjoy it too. 
Christa's Acceptance Speech
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FORMAT:  Paperback
Compiled by Mary Baker Eddy,
this collection chronicles the early days of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. It includes the special sermon Mary Baker Eddy gave when the church opened its doors in early 1895.
The book also includes excerpts from newspapers of the day about this new religion, which was attracting international attention for its healing work. 

Bilingual edition with English on facing pages.
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