We will be gathering in our Church auditorium at 10 AM for this important event.
Please come and be welcomed HOME to Church.

10920 Houze Road
(at the corner of Houze Road and Houze Way, Roswell, Georgia  30076)

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Questions:  770-998-9977 or email us at roswellclerk@gmail.com

About our Speaker Lisa Troseth, CSB
International Speaker and Member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

“What should I do with my life?” I often wondered during my early twenties. I wasn’t sure where I was headed, but I was praying to be of service to humanity. That’s when it occurred to me:If we’re motivated by love in whatever we’re doing, even if our efforts seem small on the surface, then we’ll be living in accord with a power that genuinely makes a difference—the power of God, which the Bible says is Love itself.

At the time, I’d begun to really open my heart to God and was learning from the study of Christian Science that the nature of our divine Creator is infinitely loving and we’re designed to express God’s love in beautiful and unique ways. It’s like each of us, including our daily endeavors, are made to be an artistic tapestry of divine Love.

This idea still inspires me each day to see and treat everyone I meet with love, to acknowledge their God-derived value, beauty, and uniqueness. Christian Science has shown me how letting a truer sense of God’s all-defining love govern how we interact and genuinely care for each other actually leads the way to useful ideas and purposeful action, and improves society as a whole. Since my twenties, I’ve seen how these views have led me, and others, in a variety of fruitful endeavors that bring genuine healing where it’s needed most.

Along the way, I’ve worked with educational non-profits, contributed to community art events, participated in interfaith programs, and served as a Christian Science nurse. I am now in the full-time healing ministry as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher.

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