by Patricia Cohan Woodard, C.S.

Saturday, November 13th at 11 A.M.

We will be gathering in our Church auditorium at 11 AM for this uniting event.
Please come and be welcomed HOME to Church.

10920 Houze Road
(at the corner of Houze Road and Houze Way, Roswell, Georgia  30076)

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About our Speaker:  Patricia Cohan Woodard
International Speaker and Member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

I discovered Christian Science as an adolescent and soon thereafter experienced the complete healing of a broken arm through Christian Science treatment, to the amazement of my mother, a registered nurse.

After working in New York City in the fashion business, I realized I wanted to help children learn how to learn. So I returned to school and got a Masters of Arts in Teaching. This desire to help others and my love of Christian Science impelled me to set time aside to pray for others. While a mother of two children, I became a full-time Christian Science practitioner, and have pursued a lifelong career of learning about God, sharing Truth, and witnessing God’s love for mankind.

I’ve lived in six states in the U.S. and twice in São Paulo, Brazil, where I became fluent in Portuguese. Each new culture and environment has taught me more about God, universal Love, and how God’s goodness is reflected by all people. These new views have opened up wonderful opportunities to interact with people from a wide variety of cultural and economic backgrounds, faiths, and age groups. In Brazil, I helped start up an award winning social program that taught mothers living in a favela (slum) how to make beautiful handmade quilts for resale, the income from which put shoes on their childrens’ feet and gave these women a new sense of self-worth.

Underlying all my experiences is the desire to bring healing to mankind, to show each individual their God-given freedom, their real heritage, their right to happiness and health, and their inherent ability to feel God’s love.

Today, I reside in Dallas, Texas, where I continue my healing practice as well as an active in prison ministry. While serving on the Board of Lectureship, I have given lectures at food pantries, museums, libraries, community centers, churches, as well as at local, state, and federal prisons.

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